Restricted Release Announces Initial Titles In Classic Music Series

Restricted Release proudly announces its new Classic Music Series. The initial launch of titles in the curated collection is set for release on December 2 and will include the awaited North American release of fan-favorite titles from hardcore punk legends DISCHARGE and G.B.H.

Restricted Release revisits these long unavailable titles as single mid-line priced digipaks or special 3cd jewel-case collections. The titles include:

Discharge – Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
The second studio album originally released in 1982 is viewed as a classic of the era and the peak of Discharge’s carer. Characterized by its minimalistic approach, the album’s heavy, distorted and grinding guitar-driven sound is paired with raw, shouted vocals that erupt with anarchist lyrics and pacifist themes. It is considered a critical recording in the evolution of extreme forms of metal and punk, paving the way for thrash metal, black metal, crust punk, and grindcore (23 songs).

Discharge – Live At Garden City New Jersey
A historic live release from the band’s golden days, this special recording was originally released via Clay Records in 1989. It captures the punk icons at the now defunct venue in 1983 during their second American tour. The scorched recordings reveals the band’s commanding stage presence (16 songs).

Discharge – Decontrol/The Singles
Twenty-seven of the band’s most influential songs showcases the band’s driving sound that would become the blueprint for D-beat and crustpunk bands (27 song).

Discharge – Why?
Originally released in 1981, this debut (not to be confused with the band’s ep of the same name released 2003) peaked at #1 on the UK Indie Album Chart. When it comes to classic hardcore punk, Discharge are truly one of the all-time greats. Thirty-five years later, the band continues to stand as clear innovators of the genre (24 songs).

Discharge – Society’s Victim
This special 3CD set is essentially the band’s “Best Of” and includes every single and EP releases, plus album tracks of significant note and live highlights. One of the world’s first hardcore punk bands, Discharge are often recognized as one of the main bands responsible for starting crust punk and serving as sole inspiration for the legion of bands who played D-beat hardcore punk. This is truly a “must have” piece that is essential for fans of Discharge and punk in general (44 songs).

G.B.H. – City Babys Revenge
Originally released in 1983, this is the second album by the brummie hardcore punks. The album’s title is in response to the band’s 1982 debut album, City Baby Attacked By Rats. Along with Discharge, The Exploited, and The Varukers, G.B.H. were early pioneers of English street punk, often nicknamed “UK82.” The band has gone on to influence punk and metal musicians around the globe (22 songs).

G.B.H. – Race Against Time/The Complete Clay Recordings
Named after British police shorthand for “charged with grievous bodily harm”, G.B.H. is one of the longest-lived punk bands in English history. Grandfathers of the Oi! movementm the band isperhaps England’s most direct sonic precursors to American hardcore. Unlike some previous collections with similar titles, this 3CD collection brings together all recordings the fledgling band recorded for Clay Records during the late ’70s and early ’80s. Even at their earliest (and rawest), these recordings reveal a band that had its grimy paws firmly clasped on a great sound (28 songs).

G.B.H. – City Baby Attacked By Rats
The band’s debut album is considered a landmark in the development of hardcore punk. Originally release via Clay Records in 1982, it waslater reissued by Captain Oi! in 2002 with the addition of bonus material (19 songs).

G.B.H. – The Punk Singles 1981-84
Covering their formative years, this twenty-two song collection documents G.B.H. (originally known as Charged G.B.H.) from 1981-84. It features remastered versions of their early singles and EPs for Mike Stone’s now defunct Clay Records (22 songs).